The Social Procurement Capability Program helps social enterprises to build skills and capability to access and engage in government and business procurement opportunities.

The program is funded through Social Enterprise Jobs Fund, an initiative of the Queensland Government.

Why this program?

Research has identified that social procurement is one of the biggest opportunities available to grow and scale social enterprises in Queensland.

What the program will achieve

The aim is to help social enterprises build critical skills and capability to increase their access to procurement opportunities to supply to government (state and other levels) and private sector businesses.

The Social Enterprise Supplier Development Program is designed to help social enterprises

  • navigate and find government and other types of procurement opportunities
  • develop a better understanding about what government and business looks for from suppliers
  • be tender ready, including having templates and tools to respond to government tenders

The Social Deck will design and deliver the program on behalf of Department of Employment, Small Business and Training. The Social Deck will work with key organisations across Queensland to make sure it is fit-for-purpose for Queensland social enterprises and builds on other activities already underway.

The program will contribute to the maturity and growth of social enterprise in Queensland leading to positive social impact and benefits across regions and communities.

What it will involve

Social procurement readiness tool - social enterprises will be encouraged to complete an online self-assessment that helps them to determine their current readiness for social procurement opportunities

Webinars – online seminars will be delivered to give social enterprises in Queensland an introduction on how to identify and navigate procurement processes

Training/development – social enterprises across Queensland will be able to express interest in participating in tailored training, via participation in workshops and one-to-one coaching

The project will be led by The Social Deck’s:

The program is funded through Social Enterprise Jobs Fund, an initiative of the Queensland Government.

About The Social Deck

The Social Deck helps organisations to reach and engage people in actions that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

We are a for-purpose business specialising in strategic communications, stakeholder and community engagement, digital strategy, social marketing campaigns and evaluation. We provide consultancy services to government agencies, businesses, social enterprises and not-for-profits to help them achieve change.

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As a B-Corp certified social business, The Social Deck reinvests its profits back into projects, resources and services that have a positive impact on society and the environment.


Our mission is to help engage more people in ideas, activities and causes that make a positive difference to communities, the environment and individuals.

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