Webinar 4: Securing corporate and private sector contracts

This is the fourth webinar in a series supporting the Social Procurement capability Program. In the fourth webinar we discussed:  

  • the current drivers for social procurement in the private sector
  • where and how to seek out procurement opportunities with private and corporate enterprises
  • advice to overcome some of the key challenges to winning private contracts.  

In the webinar we are joiner by three guest panellists:

Geoff Smith, the CEO of Australian Spatial Analytics. Geoff is a social entrepreneur who is committed to reducing unemployment for neurodiverse people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Matt Panayi, Social Procurement Lead for Social Traders. In addition to being an expert in social procurement, Matt has a passion for creating a fairer and more just society. Matt leads social procurement in Queensland and the Northern Territory and has a background in public service policy.

Andrew McDougall, Social Inclusion Advisor for John Holland. The John Holland Group has been recognised as Australia’s biggest spender on social enterprises across the Australian construction industry. As Social Inclusion Advisor, Andrew ensures that suppliers are contributing to John Holland’s broader positive social impact and community outcomes.

Key advice